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Bouncing Fox Productions
Bouncing Fox Productions
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Welcome to Bouncing Fox Productions
Since 2001 we have been designing quality freeware games using a variety of programs. Several of our titles have become internationally and commercially recognized in the last couple of years, featuring in various magazines and showcase websites around the world.
You can download our games here

31 Aug 2011 The full version of 65 Million and 1 BC is now available on the downloads page for FREE Click Here to go straight there. Enjoy!

8th May Finally the game everyone has been waiting for Sixty Five Million and One BC has been released. The game has its own site, where you can purchase the full version and find lots more info.This website is currently unavailable but a new one will be launched soon. In the mean time a demo is also available from this site HERE.

26th January 2008 Sorry about the lack of updates recently we have both been very busy so not much has happened unfortunately. To see new screenshots and "Sixty-Five Million and One BC" (previously Raptor 2) updates check out the Game Maker forums.

8th June Yet another Raptor 2 update, not long until the full release, see the gamemaker forums for a video trailer for the game.

1st March A new Raptor 2 update: click here

25th Febuary For more information on Raptor 2 and a new demo visit the Game Maker forum by Clicking Here

3rd January 2007 First off Happy New Year! There is a new demo available of Raptor 2 available Click Here to visit the Game Maker forum to have a go.

24th October Thanks to a Donald for pointing out that the downloads weren't working, i am glad to say they are now so enjoy! Sorry about that, any other problem let me know.

23rd October WOoo look at our snazzy new website! We still have all the same stuff just we thought that after 4 years with the same basic colours etc it was time for a change. Any problems please let me know! Richard

22nd September See the upcoming part of the games page for info on a sequal to Gareth's top game Raptor, or Click Here

30th August We are Back!! Sorry about being down for today we shot right over the new bandwith limit. Bought some more that should get us to the end of the month. Hope we can afford this next month!

23rd August Well it seems we have become very popular all of a sudden, the website may go down shortly due to exceding Bandwidth limits but should be back up soon after. Also made a slight site recode and layout change. Hope all you new visitors are enjoying all our games.

20th April 2006 Well its been along time since anything has happened, mainly because we have both been very busy with uni work. I thought i would add a new poll, mainly to show we are still here and secondly to get an idea about who visits us. Hopefully we will have some new games in the future, so sign up to the mailing list if you want to be kept up to date.

8th December Gareth's amazing new adventure game Raptor is now available on the games page.

2nd November It's been a while since the last report, but we're both settled in at Uni now and the Raptor game is coming along. I have just played a demo and it is going to be the best yet. Join the Mailing list to recieve an email and be the first to play it when its released.

16th September A new game is in the making! Check out the upcoming and screenshots pages for information about our new dinosaur platformer that's currently in development.

8th September Small website update, we now have a mailing list and the page coding has been updated so the site should run smoother.

8th June There is a new version of Mr Pratt 2 with a minor bug repaired on the downloads page now.

6th June The incrediable sequal to Mr Pratt is here. Go to the Games page to download Mr Pratt 2 and help rid the mansion of evil.

2nd May Screenshots of Gareths new sequal Mr Pratt 2 are now up.

25th April Well I hope that everything is sorted now and that we won't have to many problems with the server. I hope you didn't miss us to much!

3rd April Sorry about the site not being avaliable for the last few days the server crashed big time. On a good note Gareth is making an amazing new version of Mr Pratt, it will be in the Upcoming page soon.

7th Febuary An updated version of Equinox has been uploaded with a bug fix, hope it all works now.

31st January 2005 The full version of EQUINOX, the amazing new game by Gareth, is now avaliable. Go to the games page to download it.

28th December Sorry about yesterday there was a major server crash which meant that none of the bouncing fox sites were working, it should all be fixed now. Hope you had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year.

5th November Bouncing Fox Productions has achieved multi-linguistic international fame! The Finnish website includes a detailed, uncomprehendable description of our Space Oddity game.

1st November The new site has been uploaded and if you are reading this then it has worked. If you link to us, then the links will need to be updated.

5th October There is a demo of the new upcoming space game now named "Equinox" go the the downloads page so try it.

14th July I have now got round to making the new website so here it is!! I have also finished Space Racers which you can now play over a network or the internet

9th July The site has been transfered to a new sever(notice the lack of adds!). A new site will also be launched soon so come back soon.

28th June The screenshots of another amazing Gareth game are on the screenshots page.

16th April Finaly it is here FOX BATTLE 2 has exploded onto the downloads page.

28th March Been busy so its a long time since an update so here it is...the upcoming page has been updated.

7th Febuary Finally Space Racers has been released it is now available on the games page.

5th January Wow the amazing new site has been launched!!

1st December The screenshots of Space Oddity are now here and so is info on a new RPG game.

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